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Balancing Work and Personal Life

When you’re young, your work priorities are simple: mega hours at work = moolah leading to your multi million dollar lifestyle. Right? Wrong. The most difficult part of dealing with your career isn’t necessarily what you do in the daily grind, but how you do it. Have you ever noticed how happy the CEOs of multi million dollar businesses are? Is it the success? Sure, but it’s also got to do with balance.

While we all want to make money and feel successful, moolah can’t be the be all and end all to what you’re doing. Here are a few tips that can help you on your way to making your first million, and every million after it.

Tip 1: Moolah Can’t Buy You Love
Working mega hours isn’t the same as making sure you’re getting things done. In fact, staying longer at work and clocking in a million hours might make you look good to your boss, but you’re allowed to have a personal life. When you want to make your first million, it can be easy to forget to preserve some time and space for your personal life.

Mega Work/Life Balance Tip: Setting times that are reasonable for you to work and not work will actually make it easier for you to be more productive during work hours. There’s no point working a million hours if you’re only getting 10 hours worth of work done.

Tip 2: Learn How to Deal With Stress
Sure, you might be all buy buy buy, sell sell sell, but even if you’re working for mega moolah on the stock exchange, you have to give that stress somewhere to go. Find a healthy release, so that every day you get used to turning your brain off and getting out any issues. You’ll find this is mega helpful for your personal life, and will help your productivity at work.

Mega Work/Life Balance Tip: Give yourself a million dollar hour at least once a day. Your million dollar hour is where you do something away from your phone or computer or television, lets you get mobile, and gives you greater satisfaction than making moolah. It’s only an hour.

Tip 3: Be Mega Aware of the Line between Work and Personal
For a lot of people, particularly those working in fields you love (rather than just working for the moolah) will find it really hard to not bring your work home with you. When you’re thinking about work a million times a day, you’re going to find yourself running out of space or ways to unwind.

Mega Work/Life Balance Tip: If you cross the million dollar line between work and play, it will also make it hard to focus on work at work, damaging your performance and your chance to make the mega million moolah.

Tip 4: Surround Yourself With Experts
Look, some people charge the big moolah because they’re experts at what they do. And an expert can do what they do faster and better than anyone else.

By making sure you’re allowing experts to do what they do mega well, you’ll find yourself running a sharp mega team.

This gives you more confidence and — bonus! — you don’t have to do the work yourself! Anything you can do to offer yourself more breathing time in the week is a good thing.

Tip 5: Have Fun!
If you’re working for the moolah rather than the love of it, then it’s always going to feel stressful and like a chore. Most tips are always going to be about finding fun in everything you do – especially outside of work. Why? Because that allows you to make work better, to work better, to enjoy a mega experience all round.

Mega Work/Life Balance Tip: Everything is about balance. Fun at work should also be about having mega fun out of work. It’s important for you to have a life outside of just making moolah!

These aren’t your mega get rich quick multi million moolah tips, because it’s the 21st century and we know that life has got to be about more than just work. It’s not just about who can make the most moolah, but about how you can enjoy who you are and waht you’re doing across your whole life. So maybe think less about the mega millions and driving the moolah lust, and allow yourself to bet on yourself as a person.