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The Roaring Year For A Leo

People whose birthdates fall on July 23rd through August 22nd are Leos according to their astrological sign. Spirited and egocentric at times, they are also warm, lovable, and loyal. If you’re a Leo, you’ll be delighted to know that this year is one you can bet on for success. In fact, it can be hard to believe sometimes that you’re winning at life so well despite the many challenges you face as such a bold personality.

Winning at Love in 2018

If you’re involved in a relationship, you’ll experience ups and downs without it affecting the strength of the bond you’ve built. Focus on communicating what you need from your partner. That way, they’re not left in the dark, clueless about your needs.

You’ll also want to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends in 2018. They make you feel like you’re winning at everything you do. Their unwavering love and support get you through the worst times. Don’t refrain from being a good listener because the people you’re closest to in life need to feel supported, too.

Winning the Career Game

Professionally-speaking, you’ll experience exhilarating highs and disturbing lows. Preparing yourself mentally for the fallout will help you bounce back with greater clarity. Resiliency is a trait that will serve you well throughout life and especially during 2018.

Allow for flexibility whenever you can. That way, if something unexpected happens, you’re not shell-shocked for long. You’ll have a plan in place that allows you to recover quickly.

Saving is the Surest Financial Bet for Leos

Although your pay remains steady, your ability to budget proves to be the main reason why you’re surviving these days. Thinking about your financial future is important as it allows you to plan for unexpected expenses. Rather than be blindsided by debt, you’ve done your part to sock away some savings for emergencies.

This is a time to invest what you’ve earned and make it grow. Cast away frivolous spending habits in favor of long-term security. The things that you buy today won’t matter in a few years, but the money you’ve put into stocks or a 401K will provide great comfort.

Pace Yourself Because the End of the Year Will Offer Greater Ease

Health should be your focus this year because if it isn’t, you could become very ill. Do what it takes to exercise and eat right daily. Allow yourself plenty of time to rest and recuperate after strenuous amounts of work.

Balance is key. Too much work can lead to stress. Too little pay can cause money woes.

Find a healthy outlet for relieving stress. You can easily do yoga, meditate, journal, listen to relaxing music, get a massage or take a long bath as ways to unwind. Spending time outdoors in nature is very comforting and provides your body with vitamin D which is essential.

Other Areas of Significance for Leos to Pay Attention to

Since Jupiter will be moving into the 4th House on October 26th, it’s important to prepare accordingly. You may be planning to relocate or preparing to welcome a new baby into your family. Both occurrences are likely with Jupiter’s new position.

Pay close attention to your spiritual life. You’ll see significant events occur until the 16th of July. The same can be said about your body and personal appearance.

You’ll notice the most dramatic changes up until the second week of July. Note how you communicate with others and make family matters especially important up until October 26th. That’s when you’ll be faced with the most challenges.

Every other area including your career, personal transformation, and love life can be dealt with after July 28th. You’ll see the most progress in these areas during that time. Keep in mind the forecast listed above for specific advice pertaining to work, finances, and relationships.

Sure as a winning bet, this year will have a lot to offer Leos. Now that you know what to expect, use your bold personality traits to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. You can be the embodiment of living well. All you need to do is stay focused by keeping your eye on the prize.