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What our Signs says about our Health

If you wonder what your zodiac sign has to say about your health, you’ll learn quickly by reading the information listed here. If you don’t have much of a background in astrology, you can register for a free account on different websites and receive access to exclusive content that way. When you sign up to be a member of a site, you’re often given a freebie, too, in the form of an e-book, video or worksheet about astrological signs.

Aquarians Need to Focus on the Lower Legs, Ankles, and Circulation in the Body

Fiercely independent souls who don’t mind doing things by themselves, Aquarians need to be mindful of their circulatory system because it can directly affect their lower legs and ankles negatively. If you’re prone to walk or bicycle places and rely on the bottom half of your body to get to where you need to go, wear excellently-made, supportive shoes.

Pisces Need to Focus on the Nervous System, Feet, and Thalamus

An overactive nervous system takes its toll on the body and the thalamus. It causes emotional problems, too, if it isn’t addressed right away. Pisces also need to be very conscientious about how they treat their feet. Finding productive ways to deal with stress is important as it helps calm an overactive nervous system.

Aries Need to Focus on the Head, Brain, and Face

Headstrong in all that they do, Aries tend to suffer from headaches, migraines and are even prone to strokes. That’s why it’s important for you to schedule in some downtime for yourself if you’re born under this zodiac sign. The tendency to overdo things can compromise your health.

Taurus Need to Focus on the Neck, Ears, and Throat

The neck, ears, and throat are areas of the body that need extra care and attention from a Taurus. Allergy and cold season are brutal. Make sure to take lots of vitamins and sip hot tea especially if you sing for a living because it keeps your throat from becoming incredibly sore.

Geminis Need to Focus on the Lungs, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands

Full of energy, Geminis need to be mindful of the impact activity has on their nervous systems. They should also consider how their shoulders, arms, and hands are being used. Preventing repetitive strain injuries is important especially if you work a desk job or spend a good deal of time on, looking at or texting on your phone.

Cancers Need to Focus on the Breasts, Chest, and Stomach

Deeply felt emotions can lead to anxiety and depression for Cancers. Be very careful not to overeat. Doing so can cause unnecessary stress to the stomach. Having healthy outlets for dealing with stress is key as it will alleviate symptoms caused by life’s challenges.

Leos Need to Focus on the Heart, Back, Spine, and Blood

A fire sign, Leos seldom slow down. They have a fast metabolism which can lead to poor eating habits and heart problems. Rather than zipping through the day, embrace mindfulness and being present in the moment. Focus on the sensations your body feels and when necessary, correct them in order to make you feel good about the things that you’re doing.

Virgos Need to Focus on the Abdomen and Intestines

Don’t let overthinking cause your abdomen to hurt and intestines to bind up. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat fiber which helps with elimination. Develop a healthy self-image by engaging in self-care practices that make you look and feel good.

Libras Need to Focus on the Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, and Skin

Be careful about what you eat and drink when you’re a Libra. After all, your worries show up as problems in your skin, adrenal glands, and kidneys. Prevent dehydration, diarrhea, and constipation by including plenty of water-filled fruits and veggies in your diet. If you’re afraid you’re not eating enough veggies, make smoothies and put them in your water bottle and enjoy the extra vitamins and minerals fresh produce provides.

Scorpios Need to Focus on the Bladder, Rectum, Genitals, Ovaries, and Testes

The reproductive and elimination organs are ruled by Scorpio. Moods fluctuate while menstruating, eliminating or secreting hormones. Don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you during times of uncertainty. Communicate your needs to your partner, so you don’t keep them guessing about what is going on with you.

Sagittarius Need to Focus on the Hips, Thighs, Sciatic Nerves, and Vision

All the adventure you have as a Sagittarius catches up to you. You’ll feel it in your hips and thighs as well as your sciatic nerves. You may experience vision problems, too, so it’s important to take regular breaks to rest your body and your eyes. Register for a freebie computer app that reminds you to give your vision a break for five minutes of every hour.

Capricorns Need to Focus on the Bones, Knees, Teeth, Skin, and Joints

Disciplined in their approach, Capricorns often feel the weight of stress in their body. Their muscles are tense and their bones or joints suffer if not taken care of. Make sure that you don’t overdo it. Pace yourself because life is a journey, not a race.

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