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Mood And Temper Based On Your Zodiac

Saying that you think astrology is a fool’s science is a luxury afforded only to those who care more than they realize.

It’s true that the zodiac can’t predict whether or not you’re going to become a millionaire if you sign yourself up to the Lotto or winning a draw. But the idea of the positions of the planets at the time you were born being able to predict the future is just plain preposterous.

Even astrologers think so.

When you truly look into the stars, if you have your full birth chart done, the zodiac can help you to make sense of yourself and how you are. Sure, it’s no science, but up until 200 years ago, scientists thought the Earth was flat.

Mood and Temper in the Zodiac Signs

A lot of horoscopes will rely on your sun sign to describe your personality. This is the first hurdle that the skeptics tend to buckle. Your sun sign – the sign in which you were born under and the one most of us respond to, “What’s your sign?” with – is like the CliffsNotes of your birth chart.

It’s not the whole story and no, it won’t tell you if you’ll become a millionaire.

Astrology starts to make more sense to those who have the luxury of an open mind when presented with the idea that each planet (or heavenly body) represents a part of our personality. Venus, for example, is the planet that rules relationships, sex, and love. Mercury is in charge of communication and the consciousness, and for anger, mood, and temperament, we have to look to Mars.

The Luxury of Mars in the Zodiac

Known in Roman mythology as being the God of War, it should be unsurprising that Mars is the planet that controls our anger and temper. Mars owns our animal instincts; the winning way in which we react to actions.

If you want to gauge your mood in accordance to the zodiac, you really need to look at the sign that Mars was under at the time of your birth. (Just do a quick search for ‘free natal chart’!) Doing this will get to the core faster than doing the same with your sun sign.

What Does Your Mars Sign Say About Your Temper?

How do you handle your stress? Are you a Virgo Sun but find your anger a little too fiery for Earth’s mutable? Here’s a brief guide to how Mars influences your temper.

Mars in…

ARIES: When you’re mad, you find it hard to temper your emotions and can wind up giving in to a full-on rage. Winning is easy for you. Just… try to meditate when you feel your anger bubbling instead of bulldozing everyone else.

TAURUS: Stubborn as a bull is Taurus in a nutshell, no matter the position in your chart. Be careful not to dig your heels so far into the ground that you can’t move forward. It’s easier than you’ll admit.

GEMINI: Mars in Gemini has a tendency to create arguments – with others and yourself. Luckily for this placement, charts with Mars in Gemini can be aroused and excited by arguments and debates. Just be careful not to lose your cool in the interim.

CANCER: Moodiest sign of the Zodiac, those whose chart has Mars in Cancer are going to be locked in their room listening to Depeche Mode. Passive aggressiveness is your crux but Mars isn’t going to let you hide away in your shell.

LEO: Boisterous Leo in Mars is a match made in a building named, “Please stop for one second.” Your proud, winning aggression wants to fix everything so that you’re at the center of the world again. A millionaire of attention! Unfortunately, that temper can drive people away.

VIRGO: Virgo likes to fix things to their own detriment. When Mars is in Virgo, in an argument, you’re probably the one who tries to add logic to the mix. Sometimes it’s worth letting yourself just be angry.

LIBRA: The scales balance everything even in arguments and temper. Your need for balance can be mistaken for fence-sitting, but you have a building anger inside of you and no way of releasing it. Not when you crave harmony. Let go.

SCORPIO: Intense Scorpio is a sign not to cross, and when Mars lies here, “intense” becomes an understatement. You value your privacy as a Scorpio, and Mars likes to be showy. You might worry you’re losing your mystique: You’re not.

SAGITTARIUS: The adventure seeker in the Zodiac searches for a challenge. Your desire to experience new and exciting things can cause friction in your relationships. Do you care? Not really. Should you? Ask Mars.

CAPRICORN: You’re often mistaken as being cold, but the word people are looking for when they’re searching for your response is calculated. You’re a millionaire when it comes to control and don’t want to let yourself be seen as anything but strong.

AQUARIUS: Ask them to do something and they’ll choose to do the opposite. That’s just how Aquarius works in all of the planetary placements. Try to bridge the gap between you and your emotions instead of relying on space.

PISCES: Pisces in Mars is the passive voice in your head that tells you to turn into a mouse when arguments arise. It can be empowering to tell somebody how you feel instead of internalizing it. It’s not impossible.

Whichever of the signs is in Mars in your chart, remember that astrology is a guideline – if it feels right, it’ll be right.