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How The Moon Affects Our Horoscopes

If you want to know why the phases of the moon seem to affect your mood, consult the zodiac. You’ll learn all about lunar stages and how they influence your physical environment and circumstances. Certain times of the month are better than others for taking chances on luck. You can plan to take your free spins on your favorite casino game during the times of the year when your horoscope suggests financial success.

The Lunar Cycles Affect Birth, Accidents, Crime, and Even Death

Several research agencies including those at the Department of Experimental Therapy, the Polish Academy of Sciences, and The Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy agree that the moon’s phases have a direct effect on menstruation, fertility, and the rate in which humans give birth. There is also a connection to catastrophic events based on moon phases.

Traffic accidents, crime, and even suicide rates are higher during certain lunar occurrences. Knowing what to expect when it comes to the most common and even the uncommon phases of the moon and your horoscope helps you plan your life accordingly. Major life events are not always predictable but with some help, they can be planned for better and handled more diplomatically.

Common Moon Phases You’ve Witnessed in Person

Among the most common moon phases you’ve seen is the crescent moon when the points are primarily to the left. It is growing fuller which is a process known as waxing. After some time, it will become a full moon.

The crescent moon is said to be waning when its points are to the right. It’s a good time to wrap up projects as you likely won’t feel like completing them in their entirety later on. You’ll notice less of the moon when it is in this stage.

A full moon is brilliant. It’s hard not to take notice of it because of its bold appearance in the sky and the wacky way that people act during the lunar phase. The word lunatic became a part of everyday language because of the odd behavior some men and women display when the moon is full and bright.

The Full Moon and Your Zodiac Sign

The full moon’s influence on the different zodiac signs is well-documented by astrologers. Here is what you can come to expect from your astrological sign during this time. Keep in mind the different character traits you exhibit based on the zodiac. They’ll come into play during the full moon.

Aquarius receive recognition during this time. They can see positive changes occurring in their lives. It’s a time of personal satisfaction.

Pisces feel emotionally out of sorts. Kindness is something that is emphasized toward one’s self and others. A full moon brings out the most compassionate nature in people born under this astrological sign.

Aries is getting credit for a job well done. If they’re due for recognition at work, they’ll get it during this time. Whatever is being done right can be repeated for future success.

Taurus see relationships becoming more successful. They also have greater abundance during this time. Financial success and relationship success are two things that every astrological sign strive for.

Geminis are all about learning new things. This is the perfect time for them to take a class, attend a workshop or work on personal development skills on their own. It could pay off handsomely in a short period of time.

Cancers are full of self-confidence. They feel overly generous during a full moon. They also have a happy home life.

Leos are creative and enthusiastic. When the moon is full, it’s time to complete projects. That same kind of passionate energy can be used to spark a love affair with someone special.

Virgos are busy getting organized during a full moon. They are committed to the people and projects that matter most to them. That way, they’re living a truly satisfying and authentic lifestyle.

Libras work on relationships during this moon phase. They strengthen bonds. Creativity is also very strong.

Scorpios are passionate and high on life. They form deep connections with people. They have the ability to be emotional and to understand just how other people feel in a situation.

Sagittariuses are positive. Their attitude is what attracts other people to them. A full moon is a great time to flirt with someone that they are interested in.

Capricorns get to experience the wealth of positive changes at work and home. It’s a great time to take chances on free spins while out socially. With so much luck in the other areas of their lives, it’s tempting for Capricorns to bet it all on chance.

The Intensity That Comes with Rare Moon Occurrences

Rarer occurrences such as a Blue Moon or Super Blue Moon are intense. Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus experience emotional highs and lows quickly. They can have a disagreement and meltdown completely before coming to the conclusion that it was a good thing.

The Super Blue Moon helps people breakthrough blocks. That doesn’t mean that it’s not messy at times. There may be crying, pleading, and extreme bouts of anger that occur before transformation takes place.

The Moon Can Help Increase Your Odds When Dealing with Lady Luck

The moon influences our behaviors and emotions. The zodiac sparks many debates with its predictions. If you want to take chances on free spins, do so when your horoscope suggests good fortune awaits you. If things look favorable during a super blue blood moon, stake your claim on good fortune then.